My @makeupdotcom is finally here! #plummettaliceyes check it out on the website or use this link to find it on YouTube A big thank you to everyone that helped! Wish I had you guys at home with me when I bumbling around with my camcorder. #fun #makeup #love #eyeshadow #inspire #dowhatyoulove #loreal #urbandecay #lancome #mac

I haven't done a colorful look in forever! I found my @urbandecaycosmetics electric palette this morning in the bottom of a drawer and I was like hey girl! So we had ourselves a little blue raspberry party. Makeup details:Eyeshadow: Urban, Jilted and FringeBrows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in AuburnLashes: @houseoflashes SirenMascara: @toofaced better than sex "The notion that wearing makeup is antifeminist is silly. Cleopatra pretty much invented the eyeliner, and she ruled a kingdom!" – Natasha Scripture#anastasiabeverlyhills #urbandecay #makeup #MakeUpClips #MakeUpVideoss #love #blue #tutorial #motd #houseoflashes

Ode to Twiggy

Peach Passion is my jam #Repost #toofaced・・・Serving up some peach passion! Watch as Too Faced Global Pro Artist, Elyse Reneau, shows you how to get this purple, smoky eye look with our NEW White Peach Eye Shadow Palette. Available now at @sephora and #tfpeachesandcream #toofaced #smokeyeye #motd #tutorial #wingedliner #love #work

Ode to Twiggy

Coachella Inspiration take 2:

Wasn’t Twiggy just everything? I mean that B could rock a pair of painted on bottom lashes like no other. For this Twiggy inspired look I decided to apply actual bottom lashes…mostly because I’ve had them forever and hadn’t gotten a chance to use them. I used a waterproof blue eyeliner as a shadow base to make this look super long wear. Blue shadow running down your face would be a serious Coachella fail.


Maybe if Rihanna was performing at Coachella I would actually want to go…but alas it is every beauty girls worst nightmare to melt under the sweltering desert sun (for 3 days!) . I have a delicate complexion people, and I really hate getting upper lip sweat. Just because I wouldn’t necessarily choose it for myself doesn’t mean I won’t contribute some stay sexy Coachella tips to my lovely ladies out there though. So here are my top 5 stay sexy tips for Coachella 2013:

1. SPF- I shouldn’t even have to say it but you would be surprised how many women out there STILL don’t protect their skin. Seriously, if you want to look like the crypt-keeper by age forty continue to not wear sunscreen. It’s no sweat off my porcelain back. My pick is always Shiseido, they are the official sponsor for sunscreen for the US Olympic team for a reason.

2. Waterproof Mascara- Because after all day drinking and sweating mascara is typically the only thing you can count on to stay put. My pick for Coachella is without a doubt DiorShow Azure Blue, it is a HOTT  color and WP!

3. Waterproof Eyeshadow. My favorite stay put shadow without a doubt is Trish McEvoy 24 hour pencil in Topaz or Smokey Quartz (the other colors suck). These shades are super easy to blend but once they dry, you can dance like a crazy hippie and sweat as much as you want and these puppies aren’t moving.

4. Foundation- Tinted moisturizer is going to be gone in 2 hours it just doesn’t have the staying power. Which is fine if you have a flawless complexion. If you are like me however and you are looking for a foundation that is going to stay put even in the worst of climates my pick is Dior Forever. It’s the shiznit. (You can also kick it old school and go Estee Lauder doublewear-say what you want it has incredible staying power.)

5. Sexy Lips- Don’t forget to protect your pout! Dior makes an amazing Serum De Rouge Spf 20 Lip treatment. So you can have a beautiful color on your lips and keep them protected:)

Rainbow lips are so fetch

Taste the rainbow! This look took a lot of time and blending. Using my Inglot lip palette I started from left to right slowing blending one color to the next with a lip brush. Wiping between every color is key! I got the idea for this look while chowing down on jelly belly’s last night when I was watching GIRLS. What is it about that show that makes me so hungry?! It could be my major lady love for Lena Dunham. Love her!

Mean muggin for Nordies

So…this happened. I’ve been working really hard for Nordstrom now (or what I like to call the Homeland) for three years! It has been such a journey and I have met so many amazing people! When they asked me to pose for the catalogue as a featured Beauty Stylist I was beyond excited ( I was all ” YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!”). I love this company and my position and feel beyond honored to be recognized like this. Such a trip! Thank Nordies!